Why Mediation?
Because it Works

Today, more and more disputes are being successfully resolved through mediation. Whether a dispute is between individuals or organizations, hiring a skilled, impartial mediator to help reach a mutually acceptable settlement is far preferable to engaging in costly, time-consuming litigation.

The advantages of mediation are clear

  • Both parties come away satisfied. In most lawsuits, someone wins and someone loses. In mediation, everyone wins.
  • No delays. In contrast to the court system, mediation moves quickly. Both parties simply agree on a neutral mediator and start talking.
  • Both parties are in control: they decide where, when and how often they will meet.
  • Confidential matters are discussed privately. There is no need to disclose sensitive issues in open court.
  • The process encourages mutual respect. It often ends with a handshake, or even a toast.
  • Above all, mediation is far less expensive than litigation. It takes less time and is more efficient.

Virtually any kind of dispute can be settled through mediation. In a successful mediation, the breakthrough ideas and settlement terms come directly from the disputing parties, as a result of guidance by an expert who knows how to realign perspectives, ask the right questions and keep the sides talking.

It is true that people do not usually opt for mediation or any other form of alternative dispute resolution unless they are predisposed to settle. It is equally true that success or failure largely depends on the ability of the mediator to focus the parties on compromise as a means of achieving settlement of their dispute. And that is where we come in.

Why Us?
Because We Are Experts

All the mediators at M + F Mediation and Arbitration Services were senior trial lawyers with international training in the field of mediation. Through participating in thousands of mediation cases as both counsel and mediators, we have developed a deep and comprehensive understanding of the methods and nuances involved in this highly specialized art.

The foundation of our expertise is the ability to recognize and interpret what parties in a dispute are really saying to each other and then help them negotiate their way around seemingly overwhelming obstacles.

Throughout the process, we remain neutral – but our role is not a passive one. We use an extensive repertoire of subtle yet decisive techniques to guide people in conflict to a mutually satisfactory settlement.

Our techniques and skills produce results, proving that we have a firm grasp of the correct manner in which a mediation should be conducted. Nearly all our civil mediation cases have reached successful conclusions, a fact that has solidified the reputation as mediators we have so diligently built.

At other firms, it’s not uncommon to find mediation consultants who are former judges, possessing years of experience on the bench but little, if any, formal training as mediators. This isn’t the case at M + F Mediation and Arbitration Services. We are not former judges. We do not conduct pre-trials or settlement conferences. We do not impose our views on one party or the other. As mediators, we facilitate discussions and assist the parties in negotiating their own settlement.

And we are the mediators who conduct the mediation. We are not brokers for other mediators. Nor do we sub-contract work out to other mediators. Rest assured that when you hire a specific mediator at M + F Mediation and Arbitration Services, you get that mediator: we do not substitute one mediator for another. Because we recognize the differences in style and technique between mediators, we honour your request to have a particular individual deal with your case. What this means is that, instead of hiring an intermediary, you deal directly with recognized, reputable mediation experts – and pay less for our expertise in the bargain.

Skills Sharpened
By Experience

In cases where disputing parties feel that mediation will not work, we provide other forms of alternative dispute resolution. These other options include early neutral evaluation, mediation-arbitration (med-arb), and arbitration. As well, we have conducted numerous loss transfer arbitrations and have built up a significant body of case law. The choice of which type of strategy to implement is made only with the consent of both parties involved, and as appears appropriate to the situation.

For most clients who want to resolve their disputes without litigation, we believe that mediation is the ideal solution. We also believe that no firm is better prepared to achieve a successful resolution than M + F Mediation and Arbitration Services. Our advanced training, wealth of experience, and record of prompt, cost-efficient settlements have made us a leader in the field of civil mediation.

We have mediated successfully with most property and casualty, auto, and disability insurers in the province of Ontario, and have worked with most – if not all – insurance-related Ontario law firms, both plaintiff and defense. Our skills have been sharpened by experience; we welcome the opportunity to put them to work for you.

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